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Our  mission  is to deliver  safe products  made  from  mother  nature’s  own ingredients  that will keep you healthy, feel  good and  look beautiful.

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Calendula Herbal Oil

Calendula Herbal Oil

Calendula oil when applied topically has anti-inflammatory qualities that can prevent infection of minor skin wounds, it can also reduce itching and swelling of insect bites and rashes and is soothing to sunburns, and minor burns

Calendula Herbal Oil

Coconut Oil

Many consider it to be very comparable to the characteristics of human skin. It is also used on oily skin as it will not clog pores. It can also be used as a treatment to condition dull or dry hair.

Calendula Herbal Oil

Anti Aging Serum – Vitamin C Serum

Natural serum with  Aloe Vera Leaf Juice,  Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C , Niacinamide , Cucumber Extract, Bilberry Extract, Sugar Cane Extract, Sugar Maple Extract,    Glycerin and Fruit Extract.

Our Mission

Our  mission  is to deliver  safe products  made  from  mother  nature’s  own ingredients  that will keep you healthy, feel  good and  look beautiful.

We take tremendous pride in creating products using the finest natural & organic botanical ingredients.

We want you to enjoy all the benefits from our wonderful collection of organic and natural botanical based product lines.

Flawless Skin is dedicated to making natural products that help to rejuvenate skin & hair as well as to protect them against the effects of day-to-day stress from our environment.

Woman wants skin care that does not contain harmful chemicals.   Our organic and natural botanical based product lines, designed for a variety of skin types.  We feature cleansers, toners, moisturizers, night cream, eye cream as well as variety of serums.  Our serums are designed for moisturizing, fine line and deep line treatment.

Men want shaving cream that will not irritate their skin.  While all of our products are gender neutral, our collection would not be complete without finding the ultimate shaving cream and after shave balm just for men.   Our shaving cream is loaded with anti-oxidants and vitamins.  Our after shave balm moisturizes, conditions and tones your skin; you will feel clean and fresh.

Moms want to use safe products on their precious little ones.    Our line of natural & organic based infant care is designed especially for those special little ones.   Our Shea Butter Baby Lotion is soft, gentle and non-toxic.  We also feature our Sulfate free gentle hair & body wash for infants.  This cleanser is enriched with natural oils and herbs.

For bad hair day, we have natural oil treatment for  many of us who suffer from dry hair, dandruff, hair loss , brittle & split ends.  Our oil treatment will nourish and revitalize your hair.

We are manufacturer of skin care, hair care & products to relieve pain.

We import our essential oil and raw materials directly from manufacturers all over the world.  These companies are ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED COMPANY.

Member Of Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists

The founder of Flawless Skin is Vivien Allen who major in Physics & Chemistry.  She is a chemist, herbalist & a certified aromatherapist.  Vivien has recently completed her studies in Homeopathic medicine, Nutrition and Allergy testing.   At Flawless Skin, we manufacture products for Naturopathic, Homeopathic, and Chiropractic & Osteopathic Doctors.

Private Label

Our products are perfect for luxury spas and retailers looking for simplified method to develop and introduce their own line of natural, custom skin care.  Call us today to discuss about Private Label for your shop.  We offer low minimums and affordable prices to make your dream of seeing your own brand of products a reality.

Cream, Lotion & Ointment Bases for experienced skincare entrepreneur

At Flawless Skin we have created a line of top quality Bases to make product formulations an easy process; allowing you to focus on your unique fragrance combinations, essential oil, extracts & vitamins.

Body Wash
Super Firming Eye Cream

Chapped & dry skin Cream

Acne Cream

Facial Toner

Lip Balm

Healing Ointment  ( works well on chronic psoriasis, sores, cuts, rashes )

Cleansing Lotion


Night Treatment Cream

Hand Cream

Base Cream with Jojoba oil, Avocado and fractionate coconut oil
Body Butter
Base Shampoo

If you do not see the products you are looking for on our website, we will do custom formulations of the products.  For doctors, I can do special compounding for capsules to your specifications.  We also do work with organic ingredients.

We import a wide range of Therapeutic Grade Essential oils and natural finest ingredients from all over the world. We do make many of our own oils too. We would be happy to assist you with packaging & labels.