Flawless Skin

We Make Skin Care, Anti-Aging & Pain Relief Products With Natural Ingredients

Why Choose Us?

Our mission is to deliver safe products made from mother nature’s own ingredients that will keep you healthy, feel good and look beautiful. We take tremendous pride in creating products using the finest natural & organic botanical ingredients.  Our products are free of fillers, additives and do not contain harsh chemicals and are submitted to Health Canada.

Your product does work – I have a real test this weekend- I’m outside for the next 2.5 days hanging Christmas lights… I’m going to put the cream on before I go outside and see if it helps as a preventative- I’ll let you know and thanks again! I don’t have cracked hands anymore!

" I have been enjoying your products that we purchased. I have been able to wear your lipstick which is great for me because every other products I tried, even ones from the health food store, irritated my lips."
"Besides smelling wonderful, with the scent of true English lavender, Skin Delight Cream does indeed work healing miracles on the skin. I cut my finger on some jagged glass, and applied Skin Delight to it, and wrapped it in a bandage. Within a day it was completely healed."

About Us

Vivien Allen


Flawless Skin is dedicated to making natural products that help to rejuvenate skin & hair as well as to protect them against the effects of day-to-day stress from our environment.

Woman wants skin care that does not contain harmful chemicals. Our organic and natural botanical based product lines, designed for a variety of skin types. We feature cleansers, toners, moisturizers, night cream, eye cream as well as variety of serums. Our serums are designed for moisturizing, fine line and deep line treatment.

Men want shaving cream that will not irritate their skin. While all of our products are gender neutral, our collection would not be complete without finding the ultimate shaving cream and after shave balm just for men. Our shaving cream is loaded with anti-oxidants and vitamins. Our after shave balm moisturizes, conditions and tones your skin; you will feel clean and fresh.

Moms want to use safe products on their precious little ones. Our line of natural & organic based infant care is designed especially for those special little ones. Our Shea Butter Baby Lotion is soft, gentle and non-toxic. We also feature our Sulfate free gentle hair & body wash for infants. This cleanser is enriched with natural oils and herbs.

For bad hair day, we have natural oil treatment for many of us who suffer from dry hair, dandruff, hair loss , brittle & split ends. Our oil treatment will nourish and revitalize your hair.

We do private labels for spa, medical spa and for doctors.  Please contact us for bulk pricing.