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Black Pepper (15 ml)


Black Pepper oil has a strengthening effect on the mind and nerves, and may help give stamina when suffering from frustration.

According to Jeanne Rose an aromatherapist and author, testing shows black pepper may be helpful to people trying to stop smoking.

Excellent for aches, pains, muscle and joint stiffness. It stimulates the circulation and dilates the blood vessels.

German Chamomile (15 ml)


Common Uses: Abscesses, allergies, arthritis, boils, colic, cuts, cystitis, dermatitis, dysmenorrhea, ear ache, flatulence, hair, headache, inflamed skin, insect bites, insomnia, nausea, neuralgia, PMS, rheumatism, sores, sprains, strains, stress, wounds. The therapeutic properties of Chamomile German oil include: analgesic, anti-spasmodic, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, emmenagogue, digestive, hepatic and vulnerary. German Chamomile contains Azulene, a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. This blue crystal is not actually present in the plant, but forms in the oil and only a small quantity is needed.

Jasmine Pure Essential Oil (15 ml)


Jasmine oil is invaluable for its properties that help in fighting depression, anxiety, and stress. This revitalizing oil instills energy, confidence, optimism and excitement in the users.

Neroli (15 ml)


Neroli oil increases circulation and stimulates new cell growth. It can prevent scarring and stretch marks.