Remove Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes (30 ml)




Dark circles under the eyes are the result of the engorged blood vessels. The skin under the eyes is thinner than skin anywhere else on body, the blood vessels there are more noticeable and very fragile. Thus, dark circles are caused by colored pigments that stem from hemoglobin (protein from red blood cells) released from such fragile blood vessels. New cosmetic ingredients are now available that are able to absorb and eliminate such colored hemoglobin pigments.

Soy-Rice Peptides is an Anti Dark Circles Agents.  It is a botanical active complex consisting of yeast enzymes (oxido-reductases), soy peptides & rice peptides (hydrolyzed rice bran extract).  Dramatically reduces dark circles & puffiness around the eyes after 8 weeks treatment, improves skin smoothness & texture, improves micro circulation of the blood in the skin.